Friday, November 22, 2013

done procrastinating

well, ok.  so i worked on a couple of frames this morning.  i donate a painting to work every christmas for an auction they do to raise money for charity, so that painting needed a frame.  then i have the CAP auction deadline, so that one needs a frame too.  then i did the laundry.  then i fiddled with the car to try to fix my wobbly steering.  i made a list of things to do today and checked off the things i had already done.  i talked to a friend on the phone for 18 minutes. 

i did all kinds of stuff to avoid this:

this is a painting from last friday.  i started it two weeks ago, but today i was faced with this... thing.  ugh.  where to go?...  it's big, too.  don't know if you can tell from this photo.  it's about five feet tall.  i don't know, but that just makes it all the more intimidating.

so, procrastination be damned.  nothing to it but to do it, right?  i mean, i am a PAINTER dammit.

so here are the marks i made today.  i had to move past that "central hub" motif i had going on.  it was choking the painting and choking me.  i think it's a better painting today than before, but only time will tell me what to do next. for now i'll just let it ferment a while.

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  1. Dave, it's so nice to see your process. I don't always record my paintings as they change and I really love to see the progression in yours and to hear what you are thinking. Looks like its going in a good direction...