Friday, April 19, 2013

a friend asked me to paint a commemorative portrait of his son.  after i asked him if he was OK with my loose & fast style, and warned him that it would not be a photo-like painting, he said "loose and colorful, just like TC".  i like that.

it has been a long time since i painted the figure or a portrait, and even then i have done very little.  i am spending some time now with charcoal just getting to know TC's face, and familiarizing my hands with these kinds of marks again.

i find myself talking a lot to TC along the way.  mostly apologizing for the drawings.  "you are way more handsome than this, pal, i know.  sorry.  be patient."  i haven't done the drawing yet that captures his unique qualities.  his face is very distinct, and full of personality.  i'm a little too stiff yet to get a lively drawing, but it will come with time.

this is good.  i have no shows to worry about.  no deadlines.  this will take some time, but it's a worthy project and will be good for me.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


we drove home through Maupin today and had fog, sleet, ice pellets, and the most wonderful clouds. i took so many photos from the window as we were moving through the weather and this one captured the mood & it looks like a painting---by Kate!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

painted painting

sometimes you paint the painting, and sometimes the painting paints itself. 

John Cage talked about working long enough to expel (the presence of) everyone from your studio, even yourself in the end.  the way i work is congruous with this.  i leave myself open to spontaneity, which creates an environment in which something magical might happen.  of course that lack of structure may just as often leave you with a mess.

Cage also talked about separating the process of analysis from creation.  i am conscious of that, having experienced the negative effects of performing both simultaneously.  i may be overly conscious of it in fact, often minimizing the analysis part.  today; this painting, i think, was the result of the right amount of everything.  i did paint long enough to vacate.  i moved past the point where the marks were precious and got to where i was free to work the whole painting without fear or hesitation.  i got De Kooning out of here.  i worked, then analyzed, then worked some more.  not too much of either, but the necessary amount.

will i love this painting on monday?  i might.  it's craploads better than what is underneath it.  (this is painted over the last painting i posted, below)

now it's time to let it ferment for the weekend.  see it on monday with new, critical eyes.

Friday, April 5, 2013

what the?

what a funny little painting i made today.  at least i think so.  i doubt it will have a long shelf life. a weekend away from it will be good. 

i resisted the temptation to mop the paint all over to gray it out - hoping there might be something there to work with next week.  or maybe i'll fall in love with it next time i see it.  too close to it now, and still too fresh.