Monday, June 20, 2011

removing the bandages

a painting that had been dogging me for three years finally gets a makeover. after a small nip and tuck to the upper third of the painting, i think it is improved.

Friday, June 17, 2011

No bloggy-bloggy?

The friend in the below post asked why I haven't been blogging. Since he reads this blog, I know I'll be satisfying at least one person by posting tonight.

I won't answer his question, but will mention I was thinking of posting something the other night, something horrible. I'm trying to set a new habit, so I've been down in the studio every night of the past ten. I think if I get to thirty I can consider it a habit?

At any rate during this time I managed to push a painting far over the edge, and in the interest of transparency thought I'd trash it here on the blog.

I may not be able to save it, and hopefully if it ends up in a show you won't be able to tell that I was prepared to slander one of my 'children' in public.

If I ever feel that way again - wait, I still feel that way about this piece, despite the changes I made tonight - but if I ever feel that way again, I may confide in strict confidence to one buddy, but I'll never dog a piece in public.

Friday, June 3, 2011

one mark

done, or not done? that is the question...
how do i know?
is it enough to just make one mark on a canvas?
it's usually more difficult to not make a mark than to make one. it requires more thought and determination, therefore the unmarked canvas should be thought of as more masterly than the marked, no?