Saturday, March 13, 2010

News and Notes

Yeah, whatever. The worst thing about blogging is coming up with titles for entries.

Working has been sporadic lately. Those two weeks of the flu didn't help. I've been getting confused again between the work and commerce. Having no income will do that to you.

I'm happy to be donating a piece to the CAP art auction again this year. Lately this auction has been my only venue for showing. Hope to begin changing that with my compatriots here playing organs and telling stories.

Also, finally have some affordable art up for sale at (Some new stuff, some old stuff.) I'd love it if you stopped by to take a look!

Dahlke Art

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What the world gives us

About this time every year I head to Art Media and buy myself a tube of cadmium green light. I think, this is a new color for me. I bet no one is using cadmium green light these days. What an unusual color choice. At some point I wake up and look around and see the whole world is cadmium green light. It's exploding overnight, everywhere. And better then what's in my tube.

It's the amazing gift of a visual life.