Friday, July 26, 2013

i'm not here

further studies in not studying.  spontaneous, rapid-fire, meat-fisted.  organized chaos.  cat herding.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

the paintings in my head

Like the painters who haunt my studio and tap my shoulder while I’m working, there are generally one or two paintings in my head as well.  They come in, unsolicited, as I start to assess solutions to the problems I'm facing.  They are the solutions other artists have found.  They are “moves” that I have subconsciously stored away, knowing that I would need to steal them one day.
As soon as I started my latest commission to paint a scene of a lake and distant mountain, I saw it like a stage set, with the lake itself being the stage and the mountain as the backdrop.  On either side were “curtains” of trees, boathouse, and dock, and in front was an iris garden / orchestra pit.   

I have no doubt that Michael Brophy’s tree & curtain paintings influenced that thought. 

 Tree Curtain, Michael Brophy
 New Future of Oregon Forests, Michael Brophy

Two other paintings that are influencing my latest project are The Grid and Orchestra by Raoul Dufy.  I think he always saw the world as a stage.

The Grid, Raoul Dufy

Orchestra, Raoul Dufy

Sometimes these memories intrude on and overtake the work, and sometimes they more appropriately just inform it.