Friday, January 22, 2016


after months, many months, of feeling lost in my approach to art, of feeling like i had either forgotten how to paint or maybe lost a compelling why to paint, i feel like, today, for the first time, things are coalescing.  the work from before (the creative collapse) and the work today.  literally today, not a metaphor for "recent".  walking by some old paintings in my studio just now, leaned against walls or propped on shelves, which typically get passed unnoticed, i saw or maybe felt a connection to the painting i just worked on.  this may sound kind of silly.  kind of "duh".  as in, of course there should be some recognizable connection.  thing is, i haven't felt it (or seen it) for quite some time.  whether it was missing or i just was oblivious to some organic shift in my work (euphemism for a creative slump), i don't know, but i am certain that my work of the last year or two has been terribly confused and without focus, and only rarely did i achieve a decent result.