Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is it just me?

No matter what I try I can't post comments to this blog, the very one I myself created. If you are reading this, try to post a comment, so I can determine if there is something wrong with my browser settings, or if there is something wrong with the way I've got this thing set up.

I used to be able to post comments here, but not lately, and I want to be able to say things like:

"Congratulations on your jury selection, Dave! It's nice to get that kind of validation from jurors, even if we all know you entered this competition in hopes of getting a deep-fried Twinkie at the fair ..."


Sunday, July 24, 2011

I frequently submit work to juried exhibitions solely on the basis of the jurors. By submitting my work I am guaranteed to have my art seen, studied, and debated by a respected handful of art-world professionals, and that to me is worth the price of admission. Even if they hate it.

I submitted two pieces to the Oregon State Fair because the powerhouse jury consisted of Tom Cramer, Jack Portland, and Rod Pulliam.

They ended up choosing one of my pieces to exhibit in the fair. Icing on the cake! But the icing is the really good stuff, not just a bunch of Crisco and sugar. Check out what they said about the pieces they chose:

“The works that we chose for this exhibit have the following characteristics in common:

They show sincerity and a sense of focus. The work exhibits a strong connection between the artist and his subject matter. How the artist portrays the subject matter lets you know how he feels.

They exhibit an instant hit of content followed by a residual slow stream of information. The artwork reveals more over time.

They reflect a regional “Oregonian” sensibility. They are influenced by and connect to the place and people around us

They are resolved and to the point. Good editing choices make for tight focused work.

They are intentionally participatory, requiring the viewer to bring something to the interaction. On balance, if technique or subject matter is overworked, then substance/content suffers.”

Holy crap! Are you kidding me? These five points articulate precisely why I paint. If I could have written a decent artist statement to this point, it would have looked exactly like that. I am thrilled and energized to know that my work was recognized as having achieved these objectives, by these jurors.

We work in our little studios or basements or garages or wherever, mostly alone with our ideas and dreams, and we often wonder if what we do is hitting the mark. We look for validation through exhibitions, press, remarks from fellow artists, sales, wherever we can find it. Today, I got mine. Thank you, jurors.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Come Sale Away

Busy calculating cubic feet of storage space. Won't someone buy my paintings?

They're taking up space.

Which brings me to this: Many, if not all, artists will at one point describe their works as their 'children.' Which of course means that those who want to make a living off their art are at best shameless liars or at worst the most venal bastards of the art world for begging to sell their children to the highest bidder.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Still working on distinguishing between being satisfied with a painting and being done with it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hi blogger pals,
There has been radio silence while I was spending way to many hours at work and eeking (sp?)out a show this month. But I miss you all and am ready to think about art without feeling overwhelmed. I am embarking on a drawing project. No painting for a few months, feeling like I want to try to push myself. I keep making the same choices when I paint and wonder what will change if I try to draw the world for awhile. I'll keep you posted. Plus, I am enjoying the drawing app on my I-phone. Beers soon?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Killin' time and fillin' space/

After that 10-day stint in the basement I took about 5 days off, though I can't say for sure if, during that time, I didn't come down and check out the work once or twice. It was mostly a conscious split. I couldn't take that much interaction. (If I'd remembered the two+ other streams of work I've got on the burners I might have kept going.) Any road, it was good to move back for a bit, and now I've been working again the last three nights.

So here's some pictures.