Sunday, October 9, 2011

painting is just so much fun

on friday i was able to dedicate several hours to painting, which i have not been able to do for a while. it makes such a difference to have a chunk of time. painting for an hour, while nice, just doesn't allow enough time to iron out the wrinkles. on friday, i worked on two bigger paintings (30 x 40) and just kept working them over; destroying them and bringing them back, until i had something i was happy with.

it takes (me) a lot of time, and really that time needs to be continuous, in order to start a painting, let it go, and then bring it back around.

on friday i also returned to working from a scene after a period of working from memory or imagination. i think i'm probably a better painter when i work from a scene. i think that there is something about limiting the choices that gives me more freedom to focus on the paint.